About me

I start the guitar studio in Rome, in some music schools and privately.
I then continue to self-taught.

I have collaborated with Orchestras, Blues formations and popular music groups, participating in numerous concerts, theater performances, music concerts, reviews, competitions, and recording works of other artists.
Several of my compositions have been used for films, documentaries, trailers, commercials, in-store backgrounds, videos and various syncs.
In addition to the guitar, I have been dedicating, for some time, to the sound and study of some instruments of popular origin in the Mediterranean as Oud Arab, Saz Turco, Bouzouki, Glissentar, Portuguese Guitar and Mandola.

I adhere to the Creative Commons licensing project, "Free Culture", and publicize my work under the principle and the formula of "some rights reserved".
For the protection of works, use "on-line" deposit, registration, certification and time marking services.

All self-productions are made entirely in the home, from recording, to mixing, to final mastering.
In High Schools where I worked as a Practical Teacher of Electronics Laboratory, I have held Electronic Music Courses: "Audio Cards and Interfacing", and music courses for students.
From 2016 the activity is carried out at I.T.I.S. "G. Giorgi" in Rome.
Since 2013 President of: Cultural Cultural Association "Creative Territories".

In 2014, I was promoted together with Eva Milan to create a Compilation of Creative Commons artists for help the people of Gaza, to raise funds for the Vik Cultural Exchange Center in Gaza.
For Listen: Save Gaza Compilation

I thank Musikalia for the wonderful tools she makes.
I thank Mauro Pupeschi of Rome for his passion.

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